Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thank you to Homestead Congress Blog 2010 Contributors

The Friends of Homestead National Monument thank the readers of the Homestead Congress blog for their continued support. As of this writing there have been over 30,000 hits to our educational postings on the purpose of the Homestead Act and its many fascinating stories. Readers range from Beatrice, Nebraska, hometown of the Monument, to both the east and west coasts of the United States, as well as, every continent in the world.

Without the talents, efforts, and contributions of our many volunteers and supporters the Homestead Congress blog would not be possible. Happy holidays and thank you to:

  • Merrith Baughman, Homestead National Monument
  • Blake Bell, Homestead National Monument
  • Susan Cook, Homestead National Monument
  • Sally Crandall, Artist-in-Residence 2010
  • Jerry Davison, Homestead Congress Volunteer
  • Denise Elmer, Homestead Congress Volunteer
  • Gene Finke, Friends of Homestead Volunteer
  • Alycia Fritzen, Southeast Community College
  • Trent Gloystein, Southeast Community College
  • Barbara Guenther, Friends of Homestead Volunteer
  • Tasha Jackson, Southeast Community College
  • Betty Johnson, Southeast Community College
  • Jason Jurgena, Homestead National Monument
  • Allison La Duke, Homestead National Monument
  • Mel Mann, Artist-in-Residence 2010
  • Doris Martin, Homestead National Monument
  • Tina Miller, Homestead National Monument
  • Michaela Papp, Southeast Community College
  • Luke Phillips, Southeast Community College
  • SuAnn Saathoff, Southeast Community College
  • Amber Thieman, Southeast Community College
  • Judy Thompson, Artist-in Residence 2010
  • Christi Moock Willoughby, Southeast Community College
Homestead Congress is a communication program for the Friends of Homestead National Monument of America. It is a 501(c)(3) educational, charitable organization recognized by the IRS to receive tax deductible gifts directed to the use of Homestead National Monument. The Homestead National Monument of America is the source of accurate information on the Homestead Act. Our authors contributions can be found at: http://homesteadcongress.blogspot.com/

Are you a descendant of Homesteaders?

If you are a descendant of Homesteaders, send you name and address along with any family histories to the Friends of Homestead. The Friends of Homestead are collecting the names and addresses of all descendants. This information should be sent to:

Friends of Homestead
8523 West State Highway 4
Beatrice, NE 68310

or email friendsofhomestead@gmail.com

Homestead National Monument to be Featured on US Quarter in 2015