Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bernadette Korslund Named Volunteer of Year at Homestead

Homestead National Monument of America recognized its volunteers on Sunday, September 25, 2011.  Over 550 volunteers provided 17,000 plus hours of service in the last year.  Five people provided over 500 hours; 22 provided over 100 hours; 32 provided over 50 hours; and 54 provided over 20 hours. Each year one person is recognized as the Volunteer of the Year based on the most impact to the park as a whole.  The 2011 Volunteer of the Year was Bernadette Korslund.  

Bernadette Korslund has created a lasting impact on Homestead National Monument of America through her involvement in many programs areas.  She is present at most park events.  She is the park’s official volunteer photographer documenting activities at the park for future generations. She is a guide for school groups during Pioneer Days and Heartland Storytelling Festival.  She uses her enthusiasm to encourage young ladies to explore fields in science while leading Beatrice Middle School 8th graders in chemical analysis during the park’s water quality monitoring project.  She is also an active participate in deer surveys, native seed collection, and road side clean ups.  She can be found at the Homestead Volunteer Office at the City Auditorium scanning and indexing photographs.

Samples of Mrs. Korslund's photos can be be viewed at

Are you a descendant of Homesteaders?

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