Thursday, July 1, 2010

Charter Participants Gifts Recognition

The Friends of Homestead National Monument appreciated the generous gifts of the 2009 Charter Participants of the “160 Acres-160 Dollars program.” Each gift of $160 or more was used to support activities that told the homesteading story.

The Charter Participants gifts were commemorated on the Levels of Giving Recognition Board at the entrance of the Homestead National Monument Heritage Center. These recognition plaques can be viewed at 8523 West State Highway 4, Beatrice, NE.

A recognition dinner was held Saturday, October 10, 2009. Dan Freeman Jaffe and Kansas City jazz musicians Mike Ning, keyboard, and Victor Perelmuter, drums, entertained the new Charter Participants of the Homestead Innovation Congress. Jaffe’s poetry and the jazz combo honored homesteaders past and present with a five part blues movement that embodied the journey of homesteaders from the late eighteen-eighties to today. The dinner, hosted at Beatrice Valentino’s restaurant, was the Friends of Homestead way of saying thank-you for supporting the new Homestead Innovation “160 Acres-160 Dollars” program. []

2009 Homestead Innovation Congress Donors

Bernadette Korslund
Calvin Prebyl
Charles and Janet Whitehead
Charles and Laureen Riedesel
Darrell and Sue Bruns
Denise Elmer and Dennis Witthoft
Dennis Boesiger
Dennis Wells
Donald C. Weldon
Donald Harmon
Doug Dalke
Dr. C. T. Frerichs
Dr. Harold Thaut
Dr. Richard Mazour
Dr. Sandra Parks
Dr. Wayne Price
Duane Smith in Memory of Darrell W. Smith and in Honor of Merna S. Smith
Ernest Paquette
Eva Meyn
Janice Buhr
Jerry and Joan Davison
John Bauer
John Zarybnicky
Judy Halvorson
Julian Canady
Karen and Gary Higgins
Leigh Coffin
Maj. William Noll
Marion Frantz
Mark Engler
Martha Feit
Norm Wallman
Robert and Rhonda Eddy
Ron and Diane Courtney
Ron Wallman
Ross Bauman
Sandman Foundation
Steve and Renee Bauer
Terry Doyle
Thomas Shirk
Toro Company
William Cook, Jr.

The Homestead Innovation Congress is a group within the Friends of Homestead organization that is dedicated to increasing communications and awareness of Homestead National Monument of America. All gifts of $160 or more will be known as Homestead Innovation Congress Participants. A 2010 recognition dinner is being planned for those participating. The sponsor gift for the Homestead Innovation Congress is $160 per single (couple). Please make checks payable to the "Homestead Congress" and mail to: Friends of Homestead 8523 West State Highway 4, Beatrice, NE.

Are you a descendant of Homesteaders?

If you are a descendant of Homesteaders, send you name and address along with any family histories to the Friends of Homestead. The Friends of Homestead are collecting the names and addresses of all descendants. This information should be sent to:

Friends of Homestead
8523 West State Highway 4
Beatrice, NE 68310

or email

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